Disposable Plastic Full-Length Covers 100ct

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Plastic cover is recommended for COVID-19/Droplet precautions.

Disposable full-length covers. Materials: Plastic

Better than a disposable stethoscope: Cost-effective and enables providers to use their own high quality stethoscope outfitted with a cover. 

Attachment method: 2 options 1) Metal clip 2) Adhesive labels

This full length cover is 60 cm long and offer an alternative to disposable stethoscopes. In addition to providing a contact barrier, these covers are water resistant and ideal for settings where additional patient and transmission protection is necessary.

Two attachment methods available 1) Metal pin attaches to the stethoscope and is left in place. Bags can then be easily clamped to the pin and removed. 2) Adhesive stickers hold the bag in place and are changed with each use.

Stickers included with each unit. Metal attachment clips may be purchased here. One size fits all stethoscopes. StethoBarrier does not affect sound transmission. We use a specialized soft and pliable plastic material to avoid the "crackling" sound traditionally associated with plastic. This cover system is patented.

StethoBarrier does not alter the functionality of the stethoscope diaphragm membrane. This cover is a single-use cover to reduce stethoscope-mediated pathogen transmission. When properly applied it reduces potential acquisition and transmission of pathogens via the stethoscope but does not eliminate the risk of contracting disease or infection. Change cover after each use. Disinfect stethoscope when soiled.

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