About Us

StethoBarrier was created by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.

StethoBarrier strives to improve patient safety and satisfaction by providing innovative hygiene products to healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Our goal is to improve public health and safety through social entrepreneurship, which creates a positive return to society. We remain focused on providing supplies to healthcare providers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as traditional disposable stethoscopes remain in shortage. 

We are located in Durham, North Carolina lead by medical and business professionals with experience in clinical and public health research and in hospital finance and operations.

Our founder developed StethoBarrier in response to observing provider frustration with low quality disposable stethoscopes and realizing that physical exams may be compromised by their poor quality. 

Furthermore, recent research has illuminated the stethoscope’s role in the spread of infection - Click to review the research and evidence. We understand the negative effects of hospital-associated infections (HAIs) on patient safety and hospital reimbursement. We developed StethoBarrier to address this breach in infection control. StethoBarrier is a cost-effective, simple way to reduce the risk of stethoscope infection transmission.