Why don't providers sanitize stethoscopes? August 02 2015

What prevents providers from sanitizing stethoscopes? A study of pediatric healthcare providers published in The American Journal of Infection Control found reasons for not sanitizing the stethoscope include concern about stethoscope wear and tear, lack of access to disinfection materials, lack of visual reminders and lack of time.1

StethoBarrier products address these concerns by providing small and full-length disposable stethoscope covers that do not damage the stethoscope, are easy to apply, and provide a visual reminder of stethoscope hygiene – our covers are bright blue so providers will notice if their stethoscope is missing one. Furthermore, disposable covers can improve quality of care while reducing supply costs by replacing low-quality disposable stethoscopes with providers’ high-quality stethoscopes outfitted with a cover.

  1. Predictors of stethoscope disinfection among pediatric health care providers. Muniz, Jeanette et al. American Journal of Infection Control, Volume 40, Issue 10, 922 - 925