Our Mission: A superior alternative to disposable stethoscopes

Our disposable stethoscope covers come in two sizes: Full-length covers that offer an alternative to costly low quality disposable stethoscopes and stethoscope diaphragm covers for general infection control.

For COVID-19/Droplet precautions, we recommend our plastic full length covers as an alternative to disposable stethoscopes. Plastic full length covers are in stock as of 6/1/2021. These covers are made in the USA.

StethoBarrier strives to improve patient satisfaction and safety while providing innovative hygiene products to healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of infectious disease. A large body of research indicates stethoscopes can acquire and transfer pathogenic organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi. This practice puts children, immune-compromised, hospitalized, elderly and even healthy individuals at risk for life-threatening infections.

StethoBarrier disposable stethoscope covers are a cost-effective, easy to use, disposable, high visibility product that prevents the acquisition and transmission of pathogens by stethoscopes.

Wireless auscultation – How to use StethoBarrier with the Eko DUO earpiece