Patient and Provider Perspectives

We know stethoscopes harbor dangerous germs. Now we have a solution.

StethoBarrier protects patients from dangerous pathogens and stethoscopes from harsh disinfectants.

In his video Dr. Didier Pittet discusses his research, which shows stethoscopes become as contaminated as physicians hands after a patient examination. He also posses a question: How to clean the stethoscope without damaging it? “If I show you actually my own stethoscope, the stethoscope that I use for more than 30 years and that I used to actually cleanse, you can see that the stethoscope has been highly damaged so we need to find a way to cleanse the stethoscopes without damaging them.”

StethoBarrier is as cost effective as alcohol wipes, but prevents damage to the stethoscope, protects against all organisms, saves time and provides a visual reminder to practice stethoscope hygiene.